Keep a Backup Wallet

by MB on March 21, 2008

I got this great tip from a portion of a post that Tim Ferris (author of The Four Hour Work Week) did titled: How to Fly Without ID and Skip Lines. I recommend reading the entire post, as it contains some great information, but I want to focus on something he mentioned toward the end of the article: he caries a second wallet:

I had the student ID in a second wallet where I put cards, memberships, etc. that I use infrequently, so I don’t clog up my ultra-slim wallet. This back-up wallet is stored in my backpack.

As I look at my own wallet, I have a number of cards that I use very infrequently that just take up space. I could have a second, “backup wallet”, that I could leave in my car, or a bag when I travel. Not only would this free up space in my primary wallet, I could keep an alternate form of photo id in the second wallet to use in case my primary was stolen.

Tim: Great Tip!

Here is a link to Tim’s blog: The Four Hour Work Week. I really enjoyed The Four Hour Work Week, and recommend it. A lot if his ideas are a little “out there”, but the book will change your mindset about how you work. You will find yourself cutting things out of your workday that do not add benefit in proportion to the time they take.

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