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Managing Gift Cards

February 4, 2008

I hate gift cards.   Stores love them because they get income up front without having to immediately produce a good or service, they receive interest income on that income until the card is redeemed, and they know that a sizable portion will never be redeemed.  Additionally, after a period of time, the stores will begin […]

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Using Spending Limits To Avoid Money Arguments

January 30, 2008

Photo: jenn jenn Terri Cullen, writing in The Wall Street Journal, shares a good technique for avoiding common money arguments: The ‘$500 Rule’. Here’s how it works: she and her husband have a standing agreement that if she needs to spend over $500, she will check with him first.  Vice versa, her husband will check […]

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The Bill Checklist

January 14, 2008

Here is a simple hack that will have a big impact on your peace of mind. Unless you are super compulsive about tracking all of your financial transactions, you have probably had those moments where you say to yourself, “Did I pay my credit card bill this month?”. Then, it’s a frantic search through a […]

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