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Carpooling Tips

April 20, 2008

I’m about to start back to school for a graduate program that will have me traveling about 400 miles – round trip – per week. Since my daily work commute is about two miles, I haven’t really felt the higher gasoline prices as much as others that have to fill up on a regular basis. […]

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Americans Embracing Frugality . . . Because They Have To

February 4, 2008

Very interesting article in The New York Times today discussing how more and more Americans are taking on a pay as you go lifestyle. According to the article, they are not doing this because of a newfound realization of the benefits of a frugal lifestyle, instead, it is because they have no other alternatives. From […]

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Planning Your Emergency Fund

January 20, 2008

Photo Credit: Mark Strozier Introduction The primary purpose of an emergency fund is to replace lost income should a member of your household lose a job. Secondarily, you can use it for large, unexpected, expenses such as a car repair. An emergency fund allows you to face a traumatic event, knowing that you don’t have […]

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